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Accountants Nottinghamshire for when it matters most

Hardy and Company who provide the Accountants Nottinghamshire website specialise in the services that you need most at critical times in your business life. These key times include:

Business startup – helping you to make sure that your business starts out in the right way to minimise risk to the owners and maximise your net income by paying only the tax you are legally obliged to – and not a penny more.
When you start to employ staff– did you know just how many mistakes HM Revenue and Customs make in relation to tax codes and payroll? Your staff might be sitting on a nice bonus that we can help you find.
When HM Revenue and Customs decide to investigate – it’s the visit that every business owner dreads, and we are experts in guiding you through this key time in your business
If you are in financial trouble – don’t pretend it isn’t happening. Our vast experience and professional approach can help you through your difficulties and get you back on the path to growth
When you choose to sell – our contacts and services can help you get the highest exit value for your business, whilst implementing a clear strategy to legitimately minimise your tax burden.

Of course, we handle all the routine services for you as well, but that’s the very least you would expect of any Nottinghamshire accountant.

You might think that an accountant is for routine year end activities such as producing your annual accounts, and perhaps completing tax returns for you.
To an extent that is true, however, a good accountant should be there when you need them most, and that’s not just at year end.

Whilst our base is in Nottinghamshire, we provide accountancy services throughout the county and beyond. Our specialist skill are regularly in demand outside our local area and we are more than happy to work with clients in most locations.

Worried about fees?

Don’t be. We provide a free fee estimator to give you an indication of the fees you might expect to pay depending on the size and nature of your business. Of course, every business is different so it’s impossible to be exact without speaking to you first, but the calculator should give you a good indication.

If you need accounting help, whatever your stage of business, please call us on the number at the top of the page or fill in the form in the ‘Talk To Us’ section of the website..

Accountants Nottinghamshire

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